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From Xiao Xiao <>
Subject Re: Diff behaviors for relative-path resource mapping in TC4 and TC5
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2006 06:50:13 GMT
Xiao Xiao wrote:
> Hi,
>    Saying i have the following web-app structure:
>       WEB-INF/web.xml
>       html/logo.gif
>       html/welcome.html
>       logo.gif
>    in the web.xml, html/welcome.html is defined as one of the 
> welcome-file, which includes an image defined as src="./logo.gif". My 
> question is which logo will be shown when i try to access web-app? 
> Seems TC4  ( 4.1.31) and TC5 (5.1.12) handle this differently.
>    In TC5, the request is mapped to html/welcome.html, but the context 
> is still at the root-level, so the logo.gif at root level is returned; 
> while in TC4, it will redirect to html/welcome.html, with the context 
> changes to html as well -- so html/logo.gif is returned. For me, it 
> seems TC5 makes more senses, but anyone can help me confirm this? (as 
> is it a TC4 bug? a change in the spec? etc?)
>    Thanks.
> xiaoxiao
> p.s. attached is the sample context-test, with logo.gif points to 
> apache logo, and html/logo.gif points to tomcat logo.
   Any feedback for this issue?

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