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From taylan kuecuek <>
Subject Re: tomcat plugin sysdeo
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2006 15:03:49 GMT
Tracy Nelson schrieb:

>If you haven't used Eclipse before, you also might want to give NetBeans
>( a look.  It comes with Tomcat 5.5.17 installed by
>default, all configured and ready to go.
>ISTR that the Sysdeo plugin was kind of tricky to configure.  Not hard,
>just not the same as other plug-ins.  Once I had it set up, it Just
>Worked.  Looks like it might be a moot point now, though -- I can't find
>Sysdeo either.  It was a pretty popular plug-in, though, hopefully
>someone on this list can hook you up with a copy.  Or check out the WTP
>plugin as somebody else suggested.
>Tracy Nelson / Nelnet Business Solutions
>402 / 617-9449
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>| From: taylan kuecuek []
>| Sent: Wednesday, 27 September, 2006 05:04
>| To:
>| Subject: tomcat plugin sysdeo
>| Hi everybody  ,
>| i have installed tomcat 5.5.17 and try to develop a web application
>| servlet and jsps.
>| i want to use eclipse and want to use a plugin for tomcat. There is a
>| plugin namely "sysdeo" but i can't
>| download it because the is not available "" is there any
>| other link where i can download it??
>| thanks
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thanks for the antworts.

after first Antwort. i have installed the WTP plugin and it seems good 
to work with servlets. but i have some problems with jsps :

i make a new project --> dynamic web project

 then i can add a new servlet  to this project and i can test it under 
eclipse (in this case what i must to do is only edit the web.xml file). 
this is really good but my question ist.
the folder architecture is not the same as the architecture under 
tomcat. but if i make a war file from my eclipse project than it works 
under tomcat. can this directory differences make a problem??

the second question is :
how can i add a jsp to this project???

if i add a servlet, it will be placed under src folder but if i try to 
add a jsp then i must to place it under Webcontent. make it a problem 
??? and must i edit the web.xml file for jsp file too???

and another question. this is not a tomcat question but maybe can 
anybody give me an answer.

i want to use jsp servlet and ejb. for example with a html form i will 
take the login information from an user and then make a connection with 
the DB and check whether this info true is or not.
in this scenario what is for what responsible???
should ejb with the DB communicate?    if yes how can i realize it?

only the logic :) not the code :)

thanks a lot

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