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From Jon Wingfield <>
Subject Re: HTTP 408 Login timeout
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2006 17:56:59 GMT
If you have a custom error page set up you can trap the 408 response 
code and redirect to an appropriate resource. Works for me :)

Alternatively, you can set up a meta refresh on your login page so you 
never get the 408. Of course, because the refresh has to go to some 
protected page and not back to the login page you lose the exact 
protected resource that the user originally requested. But hey, they 
couldn't have wanted it that badly if the session timed out while 
waiting to login ;)



C S wrote:
> I'm dealing with a problem where if a user hits a secured page and is
> forwarded to a login page (using Form Auth).  If the user sits on that 
> login
> page for too long, and then try to login they are confronted with a nasty
> HTTP 408 error.  I don't know if this behaviour is part of the servlet 
> spec,
> but rather then giving the user an error, could they be forwarded to a
> welcome page for the app?  Or perhaps to the context's "/"?

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