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From Alex Hepp <>
Subject Re: Single Sign-on Configuration with Apache
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 07:30:33 GMT

Mark Thomas schrieb:
> When starting a new thread (ie sending a message to the list about a
> new topic) please do not reply to an existing message and change the
> subject line. To many of the list archiving services and mail clients
> used by list subscribers this  makes your new message appear as part
> of the old thread. This makes it harder for other users to find
> relevant information when searching the lists.

i am very sorry about this, i just forgot about the message id. I didn't 
mean to 'hijack' a thread...

> This is known as thread hijacking and is behaviour that is frowned
> upon on this list. Frequent offenders will be removed from the list.
> It should also be noted that many list subscribers automatically
> ignore any messages that hijack another thread.
> The correct procedure is to create a new message with a new subject.
> This will start a new thread.

I will remember this for the future, and hope, that noone is offended, 
or angry...

Shall I start a new thread with this question, or shall i leave it now, 
and just remember it for the future?

Sorry again!

Regards. alex

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