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From Michele Mazzucco <>
Subject Re: Performance monitoring for web applications
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2006 11:37:12 GMT
You could also try this tool (I haven't used it):

It uses this library
which can be downloaded from Sourceforge.


Michael Echerer wrote:
> Shimol Shah wrote:
> Hi,
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to look for a way to programmtically find CPU resources used
>> and
>> memory used for indivudual web applications. I have given it many tries on
>> Google but only thing I could find was some third party tool vendors that
>> give solutions to performance monitoring. Instead what I am looking for is
>> the programmatic way of knowing CPU and memory usage by a particular web
>> application.
>> I would really appreciate if someone can point me to a right direction. I
>> can work it out form there.
>> Thanks,
>> Shimol.
> Try the Java 5.0+ API:
> with Java 6.0 there might be more options:
> and have a look at and its sources to get an idea.
> Basically you can get the CPU time the process uses and can put it into
> relation to a period of time to get the relative CPU usage like
> lamdaprobe does it. However it'll be only the usage of the JVM process
> not all processes.
> No clue how to measure per thread and you'll have to find a way to map
> all http connector threads in use at each point in time to each webapps
> to get a sum of cpu times for a certain webapp and put it into relation
> to the overall process time. Maybe you could weave something before and
> after each connector thread with aspectJ to measure to time the thread
> was used or have your own implementation. Nevertheless this wouldn't
> measure the cpu time of that thread, too.
> For memory it'll be difficult, too. Probably you can measure all objects
> similar to what lamdaprobe does for the Httpsession object. Instead
> you'd have to measure all objects for one classloader. As you have one
> classloader per webapp, this could be what you want.
> I guess it'll be quite Tomcat and SunVM specific, if it works at all.
> Cheers and good luck. Let us know if you found a way.
> Michael
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