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From Garthfield Carter <>
Subject Re: Tomcat admin application "HTTP Status 500" problem
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2006 16:30:53 GMT
Splendid!!!! I love this list. You've showed me a good source of 
information in the bugs list. I didn't look before.

It fixes part of the problem, I noticed when I changed the engine name 
to "Catalina" I could click on the "Host" node under "Tomcat Server" 
which used to throw and exception before. However the "User Definition" 
sections were still throwing exceptions. I did some searching of the 
Tomcat bugs and found this gem:

Because I had stipped out alot of the standard server.xml configurations 
I have effectively created a server-minimal.xml, so I added back in the 
<Listener>'s and sure enough everything is now working!

Thank you for putting me in the right direction!

Mark Thomas wrote:

>Garthfield Carter wrote:
>>Here's my complete server.xml btw. Maybe I've done something wrong here:
>It isn't you, it is Tomcat. You have been hit by bug 31339
>Short-term fix is to change the name back to Catalina.
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