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From Garthfield Carter <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Server Administration - Change Path?
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 18:50:17 GMT
Obvisouly my comments below may be of no use to you whatsoever if you 
don't have or have no intention of having an Apache front-end.

Pontius Malmberg wrote:

> Hi everyone:
> I've been working on this issue for over a week, and can't seem to 
> figure out how or if it's possible at all.
> I would like to change the default path /admin/ for Tomcat Server 
> Administration for Tomcat 5.5 to be /tomcat-admin/ instead.
> Anyone have idea how to do this?

If it's really taking that much time to find a solution and you have an 
Apache front-end I would use mod_rewrite to achieve this it would be 
much quicker.

> A few web sites on my server are using as 
> their admin backroom, however, after installing Tomcat on the server, 
> now it goes to Tomcat Server Administration instead. Even though the 
> web sites have an admin folder located inside their web directory. I 
> did some research and it seems that there is file somewhere on the 
> server that is associated with Tomcat which tells Tomcat that by 
> default if someone types in it 
> goes to Tomcat Server Administration login page.

If you had an Apache front-end you could add a JkUnmount statement for 
that virtual host to stop /admin* requests being forwarded to Tomcat.

> Now, my question is does anyone know if it's possible to change that 
> default path? If so, which file?
> I have tried to make changes to:
> tomcat-users.xml
> Then rebooted Tomcat, but no luck!!!
> I hope this is possible? If so, I'd like it to be /tomcat-admin/
> Thanks in advance.
> Sincerely,
> Ponch
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