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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: How does one go about finding a specific application?
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 14:16:01 GMT
Asking us is one avenue :-)

Sounds like you are looking for a Document Management System or DMS.  
Magnolia comes to mind.  It's a CMS (Content Management System), but the 
DMS function will be free in version 3.0 to be released soon.  Doing a 
search for dms or document management system should offer other options.


FH wrote:

>We are trying to setup what will essentially be a data vault (something people
>can log into from anywhere and d/l and u/l documents securely via a browser --
>additional desired features would be user/group management/permissions, maybe
>on disk encryption but that's not as important as the basic functionality). 
>Before going about configuring something via apache (which is not on the
>machine I have in mind to use) I thought I'd see if such an application has
>already been created for tomcat (which is on the machine).  I've tried a
>variety of searchs in yahoo and google but I'm just not seeing the information
>I'm looking for (either a generic listing of what sort of applications are
>available for tomcat or hopefully the "data vault" application we are looking
>for).  Does such a list exist or how do people usually go about finding
>specific applications to link into Tomcat?  Has anyone heard of an application
>like the one we are looking for?
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