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From Dies Koper <>
Subject Re: Server cannot access http://localhost:8080 after unknown event
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 00:51:18 GMT
Hello Andrew,

Could it be that Tomcat is busy garbage collecting?
I see your machine has a lot of memory. If you set your VM size so big 
and that memory is all used by Tomcat or your application, garbage 
collection cycles are bound to take longer (all objects in memory have 
to be checked to see if any can be garbage collected).
Googling for garbage collection, monitoring and Tomcat might lead you to 
information how to track and solve this, but if it only occurs once in a 
I'm looking forward to hearing input from others on the list.


Andrew Greene wrote:
> We have applications that rely on Apache's ability to route requests to
> Tomcat. Periodically Apache is unable to access Tomcat. We have tracked
> down the issue to the server being unable to access Tomcat using
> http://localhost:8080. During the time that the server cannot access
> Tomcat, any other networked PC can access it using
> http://servername:8080. (The server cannot get to Tomcat using the
> Network IP address, the servername, localhost or  This issue
> comes up at random intervals. Usually it happens about once a week, but
> it has gone as long as six weeks between incidences. We have been unable
> so far to find anything else happening at the same time to correlate to
> the issue. Our best guess is that is has something to do with the
> combination of the specific hardware and software we are running. (We
> have a development machine installed on VMWare that has never had the
> issue, but it does not get the same usage as the production server.) I
> am hoping someone on the list has seen something similar in their
> environment and can either point me to a solution or to further steps to
> take to track down the issue. Thanks,-Andrew  Vital Stats:Server:IBM
> BladeServer Model 8832M1XWindows 2003 SP1Dual 3 GHz Xeon2.5 GB
> RAMBladeCenter Chassis:Model 86772XXTomcat:5.5.17Apache:2.0.55

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