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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: Low performance with Tomcat APR
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 08:42:54 GMT
José Manuel Molina Pascual wrote:
> Hi, Mladen.
> That's exactly what we expected, about 10% improvement.
> We are runnning a cluster of 4 tomcats and we have a stress test batery
> , I'm not sure of how manu concurrent users it simulates, maybe that's
> the point.

Of course it is.
When the concurrency goes over the maxThreads/2 then APR
starts behaving like non-blocking, that might cause degradation
when you have artificial clients like some request bomber.

> I've received new test data, when the tests are launched agaist only
> one tomcat (no cluster) it serves 4100 requests x per sencond, and
> when the four machines are running it only serves 4800!!!!.

Perhaps you have reached maximum network bandwidth.
What is the transfer rate (MB/Sec). For a 100MBps
the maximum theoretical throughput is 12.5 MB/sec.
With 4800 req/sec looks like you have 2.6K test page.
(Of course if this is 100MBps network).
For 1GBps network the troughput is cca. 60 MB/sec.


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