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From Wade Chandler <>
Subject Re: moving to linux
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 15:31:49 GMT
We used AIX on a project and really didn't like the
experience.  We had different issues.  Some of them
are nothing more than management is not as good and
even command line editing and running
commands....Linux is just more user friendly maybe is
the way I would put it.  I feel the same way
personally about all Unix vs. Linux however.  My
favorite Unix would be Solaris, but it still has a way
to go in the way of user friendliness especially for
administration...again my opinion but based on

I think the Linux community does a good job at making
things (especially on the command line) easier.  That
is the way I see it.  Since you mentioned Fedora I
would recommend going to and
downloading the latest version there.  It is nothing
more than Enterprise Redhat rebranded.  This is
possible because RH provides the source code for the
packages and these guys rebrand and then compile the
same source code.  It runs well and is stable.  I also
recommend SuSE.  You can get SuSE at
 Get the released version.  Works great.  

I used to try to use Fedora Core, but found I had
issues when it came to release to release updates. 
Some things would break every time it seemed.  I tried
installing on muliple hardware.  I had a system on FC2
and went to 3 and had some issues.  Then I went to FC4
and had major issues with the migration.  I went back
to SuSE and RH (CentOS) releases and haven't been
stressed about anything.  I would also suggest using
Ubuntu.  It is really nice and seems to work well and
be stable.  I play around with Ubuntu on my
workstations mainly because I have always used RH and
SuSE for servers, so I am more familiar with them in
regards to administration and layout.


--- "Asensio, Rodrigo" <>

> Hello, since Tomcat on Windows Server 2003 is not
> satisfying the
> expected performance whe are thinking about to move
> to Linux. Fedora
> Core 5 more precicesly.
> I would like to know what is the better combination,
> Tomcat as webserver
> or Apache with Tomcat as mod to execute java.
> Also, there is the posibility of get a brand new
> AIX, anyone had that
> experience before ?
> Thanks
> Rodrigo
> Rodrigo Asensio
> Fuel Management Services
> Gilbarco Veeder Root
> phone: +1 336 547 5023
> email:
> <> 
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