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Subject Re: tomcat deployment changes since Tomcat 5.5.12
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 09:44:27 GMT
Thank you Chuck.

OK, perhaps I can do with getResourceAsStream for all my needs inside the war.
I prefer my war to be unpacked for the needs of other applications (non Java) to access the
content of the war

But I think there is a bug in Tomcat. You agree ?

If my Host parameters are :
unpackWARS=true, autodeploy=true, deployOnStartup=true, deployXML=true, appBase=/usr2/web/myhost
and my Context Parameters :

It is OK for TC < 5.5.12 but not for TC >= 5.5.12

To deploy in TC >= 5.5.12 (with a war unpacked) :
Host parameters have to be :
unpackWARS=false, autodeploy=false, deployOnStartup=true, deployXML=false, appBase=/usr2/web/myhost
and Context Parameters :

BUT if I put unpackWARS=true, the tests are KO !!!

>> From: lionel.farbos@... [mailto:lionel.farbos@...]
>> Subject: Re: tomcat deployment changes since Tomcat 5.5.12
>> But the result is the same :
>> - exceptions in Tomcat logs,
>> - getServletContext().getRealPath(...) is null
>There's no guarantee that getRealPath() will return anything useful,
>although it usually does with an unpacked war.  Do you really need the
>actual path?  Would getResourceAsStream() suffice?  Take a look at:

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