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From "Andrés González" <>
Subject Re: Starting background thread in contextInitialized ...
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 17:41:54 GMT
Maybe a little OT, but: do you think it is a good "architecture" to
have such a background thread processing those records periodically?.
I mean, wouldn't it be preferable to create a separate process
(another JVM) which would execute that thread?

That way your design is more modular, and you can stop/start that
daemon process easily, without interrupting the Tomcat.

Anyhow, if you want all the code in the war file it would make the
product more easily "distributable". But if it is for "in house" use
i'd prefer the separate process approach.


On 9/4/06, Velja Radenkovic <> wrote:
> Thanks,
> I'm running tests on 2 machines and I'll share the results and concept in
> case of sucess or ask for more help in case of failure. I'll stick to
> starting background thread for now.
> Thanks again,
> Velja


Andrés González.

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