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From "James Howe" <>
Subject Tomcat 5.5 Configuration Question
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 17:44:17 GMT
I'm trying to set up Tomcat 5.5 to run an internally developed web  
application.  The machine on which Tomcat is installed will only ever run  
this one application.  I would like to install the application in such a  
way that when a URL such as:


is entered, the user will be running my web application.  Right now the  
'default' application brings me to the Tomcat page which has items on it  
which allow me to manage the server.  I would like this application to be  
located somewhere other than as the root application.  Also, I realize  
that I could rename my .war file to be ROOT.war and it would likely expand  
into ROOT and become the default application, but I want the application  
to be stored in appname.war.

I've been running this application with Resin and in Resin I can configure  
the root application in the resin.conf configuration file.  I've looked at  
the various Tomcat configuration files and I can't figure out how, where  
or if there is a way to do this.  Any tips on how I might go about doing  
this would be greatly appreciated.


James Howe

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