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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: configuring Tomcat for protocols other than http/s
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 03:11:49 GMT
"Viraj Turakhia" <> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> I am starting to work with Tomcat's code and have no clue where to start
> from.
> Any pointers would be very very helpful.

Well, one method is to implement your own ProtocolHandler (

This is responsible for setting up the Request and Response objects, 
threading, and handling sending and receiving data on the protocol.  It then 
hands off the Request and Response to the service method of the Adapter 

that Tomcat passed to it.  The MemoryProtocolHandler 

is the easiest if you want an example.  You'll probably also want to 
implement ActionHook 

for best results.  You tell Tomcat to use yours via:
  <Connector protocol="com.myfirm.mypackage.MyProtocolHandler" .... />

> To start with, I would like to know whether Tomcat is configurable to work
> with protocols other than http/https?

Well, it comes with AJP/1.3 support ;-).  However, the servlet container 
neutral to the protocol (that's the job of the ProtocolHandler :).

> I want to configure Tomcat in such a way that it gives me RAW data that is
> posted on given port.
> Please let me know which server element is to be configured (and where..
> server.xml?) such that forming request/response from RAW data is possible
> for me.
> This RAW data is not necessarily a http/https specific data. It could be
> specific to any other protocol like ftp://.
> Waiting for reply, thanks.
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