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From Bruno Georges <>
Subject Re: Tomcat monitoring
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 07:51:02 GMT

I forgot to mention that JBoss provides JBoss Operations Network which uses
agent to collect metrics no the machine where you deployed your Tomcat
instance. You can access it via  a web front-end and monitor your
apache/tomcat/jboss instances. There is a lot more they support, I suggest
you look at:

There is also JProbe [used to be a sitraka's product], now you can get it
from Quest. It is fairly intrusive.
You also have JProfiler and YourKit.
Most of these support JVMPI and some JVMPI.

Use Java 5, it will provide more hooks for profiling your JVM. [along with
JVMTI support]

Hopes this helps.

With Best Regards
Bruno Georges

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I attended to an Oracle IAS event and they presented their Enterprise
Manager 10g, and they showed some great monitoring capabilities. Here I
quote some of them from their document

"The tracing functionality provides an on-demand tool that lets
administrators examine in detail all invocation paths of a transaction,
and isolate the exact tier and location of a problem. All invocation paths
of a transaction are traced and hierarchically broken down by servlet/JSP,
EJB, JDBC/SQL times. Further drill-downs into each component identify
response time breakouts by invocation path. Click-to-SQL drill-downs allow
administrators to navigate down from a transaction view and examine the
underlying SQL statements." (Page 6)

"URL processing time and load activity graphs provide administrators with
information on the impact of server activity on response times." (Page 7)

"Enterprise Manager provides correlation of CPU utilization, memory, and
I/O usage of all Web application components to help administrators
determine where resources are constrained." (Page 8)

Well, my question is if there is any way to do such (or any) monitoring
with Tomcat 5.5.17. If not, is there any monitoring tool that you guys use
to monitor and troubleshoot Tomcat? Maybe just tomcat/java commands that
shows status/monitoring info. Actually we only graph URL response times
and load keep an eye on the logs.
Any info is welcome.
Thanks a lot.

Rafael Sarres de Almeida
Seção de Gerenciamento de Rede
Superior Tribunal de Justiça
Tel: (61) 3319-9342

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