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From <>
Subject Can you define Environment settings on a per-Service basis?
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 14:16:44 GMT

I'm running tomcat 5.5 on a windows box and I'm wondering if I can do
the following...

I have 2 separate Services configured in my server.xml, one to support
development and one to support pre-production:

Service Name      Port      Webapps Dir
------------      ----      -----------
CatalinaDev       8080      $CATALINA_HOME/webapps_dev
CatalinaPreprod   9090      $CATALINA_HOME/webapps_preprod

We'd like to be able to build our wars once and deploy them in to either
the dev or the preprod environment where by the magic of
container-provided environment variables, the application auto-magically
configures itself.

Right now, I have this setting in the GlobalNamingResource section of my
      description="Application properties file for edis3-ws on

Within our application, we have a Spring-configured
PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer to ask JNDI for the value associated to
the "" key.

The problem I have is that if we deploy the very same war to the preprod
Service, it will pick up the path to the development war's app.prop
file. I don't want that...I want the preprod instance to point to

My initial though was that I would like to do is copy the Environment
section into the individual Service portions of my server.xml, but I
don't see a way (or DTD) to do that.

Is this possible?  Are there alternative solutions anyone has?

Thanks in advance!

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