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From "Martin Gainty" <>
Subject RE: 2 tomcat on the same PC
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 12:47:26 GMT
You've introduced a collision for the same resources

Tomcat1 starts up and acquires listener connection for all ports configured 
within server.xml (default is 8080)
Tomcat2 starts up and attempts to acquire listener connection on all ports 
configured within server.xml (goes after 8080)

Tomcat1 wins and Tomcat2 constantly contends for the same port specified in 
Change the port specification for the default Catalina connector
    <Connector port="8080"          -- TO
    <Connector port="8081"         --8081 is a port which is not being used 
(not displayed) if you run netstat -a

Dumb question but I have to ask why are you running 2 Tomcats?


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> > From: tamri []
> > when I run tomcat 5.0 and then starting to run the second
> > installed tomcat
> > 5.0 it throws System error:
> > tomcat 5.0 application is already running.
> > why???
> > I configure conf/server.xml file, change with inused port numbers.
> > what is wrong?
> > can you tell me exactly step by step how to run 2 tomcat 5.0
>Not without knowing more about what you have done:
>- What operating system?
>- *Exactly* which Tomcat version?
>- Where are the two Tomcats each installed?
>- How are you 'starting to run' the second tomcat?
>		- Peter
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