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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: 10,000 Virtual Hosts in a Tomcat instance
Date Sat, 26 Aug 2006 11:14:44 GMT
On 8/26/06, Andrew Miehs <> wrote:
> ?! Now I am confused ?!
> 10,000 connections and 10,000 virtual hosts have NOTHING to do with
> one another.
> As to 10,000 virtual hosts in Tomcat, vs 10,000 virtual hosts in
> Apache....
> No idea - I don't think 10,000 virtual hosts on either is a good idea.
> But with Tomcat, you have 10,000 'WebApps' ie: at least 10,000
> objects, ignoring what ever else the webapp initialises, vs a look up
> table (probably a hash) in Apache.
> I don't think it is a very scalable solution.
> According to the original poster, all 10,000 webapps, are the same,
> so I would look at only having 1 web app, and dealing with the
> 'virtual hosting' inside my webapp.

That could be a good move. A JSP like the index.jsp which is in Tomcat
could do that, and is at least as fast as a static page.

Note: If APR is installed, Tomcat uses epoll if available too, so it
can support 1000s of connections easily (on Linux).


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