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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Handling huge amount data
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 15:43:32 GMT

> Looking Windows Task
> Manager I perceived the natural memory increase.
> I noticed that when I
> call my logout method (It calls session.invalidate()) or my user session
> expieres the memory is still in use, in other words, the memory is not
> cleaned.

Windows only reports the size of the application in memory. Once Java
requests memory from the OS, I don't believe that it ever returns it.
So, the memory size reported by Windows Task Manager will only increase,
never decrease.

You need to look at the memory behavior /inside/ the JVM, which is much
more complicated than what Windows Task Manager displays.

There are some tools that will help you see into a JVM, including simply
using the "verbose GC" settings when starting your JVM, as well as some
other 3rd-party tools that can give you a lot of information about the
JVM upon which Tomcat is running (LabmdaProbe comes to mind:

Hope that helps,

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