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From Mansour <>
Subject configuring mod_jk
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2006 17:12:06 GMT
Hi every body:
I 've been trying to get things working, however, I believe I need a 
little help in this.
I configured apache' Virtual host. and installed tomcat and mod_jk 
succefully. Now I am trying to run apache for static contents, and 
tomcat for *.jsp , therefore, I have put a test page "hello.jsp" in the 
"root of my virtual host"
When I point my browser to http://virtualhost I get the static pages I'm 
same thing with http://virtualhost:8080, I get what I am expecting 
(tomcat welcome page).  No problem up tp here.

Now when I try to access http://virtualhost/hello.jsp, I get error 404. 
So I copied hello.jsp to $CATALINA/webapps/ROOT and tried again 
http://virtualhost/hello.jsp and It worked. Now how do i get around 
this??  I need to modify the webapp/Root to reflect the content of the 
virtual host directory. right??
If yes. what file and modification I have to add to get this working ??
Thank you

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