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From Dag Bjerkeli <>
Subject DataSource variables in replicated objects in a Tomcat cluster
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 09:58:43 GMT
I have defined my datasource parameters in context.xml.  I've 
initialized the datasource objects
in the constructor where I need them.  I'm using Tomcat 5.5.17.

As I have experienced the constructor does not get activated when a 
object is replicated, so
my idea is to implement readObject() for initializing of the datasource 
in the replicated
object.  But I don't get access to what is defined in context.xml, only 
to what is defined
in server.xml.  It looks like this is not what I should expect.  So I 
wonder if there is a
different approach to initialize datasource in a replicated object.

One solution would be to put the contents of context.xml into 
server.xml, but I
don't quite like the sound of that.

I hope some can enlighten me on this.


Dag Bjerkeli

Here is some output to illustrate the problem:
Output in tomcat1 when a object is constructed:
DB:: DataLogDAO constructor
DB:: Got context java:
DB:: got name comp

Output in tomcat2 when object is replicated:
DB:: DataLogDAO readObject
DB:: Got context java:
DB:: got name UserDatabase
DB:: got name jdbc
DB:: got name simpleValue
DB:: Err with context Name comp is not bound in this Context
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name comp is not bound in this Context

The relevant code in class DataLogDAO:
    private transient DataSource dsR = null;
    private transient DataSource dsW = null;

    public DataLogDAO()  throws Exception {
        System.out.println("DB:: DataLogDAO constructor ");
    private void readObject( in) throws 
IOException, ClassNotFoundException {
        System.out.println("DB:: DataLogDAO readObject");
        try {
        } catch(Exception e) {
            System.out.println("DB:: Err with context " + e.getMessage());

    private void generateConnections() throws Exception {
        if( dsR == null) {
            Context ctx = new InitialContext();
            if(ctx == null )
                throw new Exception("Boom - No Context");

            String ctxname = ctx.getNameInNamespace();
            System.out.println("DB:: Got context " + ctxname);
            NamingEnumeration en = ctx.listBindings(ctxname);
            while ( en.hasMore()) {
                Binding b = (Binding);
                System.out.println("DB:: got name " + b.getName());
            dsR = (DataSource) ctx.lookup(IConstants.DATASOURCE_READER);
            dsW = (DataSource) ctx.lookup(IConstants.DATASOURCE_WRITER);

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