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From Steven Bell <>
Subject Re: do I need Apache httpd?
Date Sun, 20 Aug 2006 03:49:25 GMT
The answer mainly depends on your plans for the future. If the machine 
currently serving up your web app is not going to do anything else web 
related (requiring a web server such as Apache) then you are probably ok 
with shutting down Apache and changing Tomcat over to port 80.

However, if you foresee any potential expansion of your web requirements 
that are either static, or just better server via Apache it would be 
best and easy to setup mod_jk. Doing so allows for load balancing as 
well as simple redirection.

So, look to your future plans and decide from there.


Nolan Johnson wrote:
> I've got a webapp that's entirely dynamic.  That is, all of the content is produced by
servlets through Tomcat.  The only static content for the site is a .css file and a small
error page.  Is there any reason for me to have Apache httpd listening on port 80 and have
that connected to Tomcat with mod_jk2, or should I just have Tomcat's http server listen on
port 80?
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