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From John Hinton <>
Subject Re: Creating /WEB-INF folders for virtualhosts
Date Sat, 19 Aug 2006 03:55:01 GMT
John Hinton wrote:
> Seems I have everything running up to the point of a test.jsp file 
> being excuted within a virtualhost's user directory.
> If I understand correctly, there should be a WEB-INF directory in the 
> virtualhost root directory, with a web.xml document there.
> My snag.. is there a built in way to create this directory and the 
> info it should contain?
> If I am to create this directory, what permissions should it have? And 
> what about additional classes and librarys, such are are in the 
> default server directory?
> A good example of the web.xml file would be helpful as well.
OK, perhaps I should start over..

I am a server admin and have no experience with jsp. I need to run this 
system especially for a virtual host client.

I seem to have the basics of installation working as I can get to the 
manager pages. However when I try to open a test.jsp file in that 
client's virtualhost public_html directory, I get the following error.

  HTTP Status 404 - /test.jsp


*type* Status report

*message* _/test.jsp_

*description* _The requested resource (/test.jsp) is not available._


      Apache Tomcat/5.5.9

My OS is CentOS 3.6 in this case. Could someone please try to help me 
through this? Actually, I'm not really even sure what

The requested resource (/test.jsp) is not available means? Is this a 
path to test.jsp problem or a notice that for some reason it can't be run?

John Hinton

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