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From John Hinton <>
Subject Creating /WEB-INF folders for virtualhosts
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 18:23:31 GMT
Seems I have everything running up to the point of a test.jsp file being 
excuted within a virtualhost's user directory.

If I understand correctly, there should be a WEB-INF directory in the 
virtualhost root directory, with a web.xml document there.

My snag.. is there a built in way to create this directory and the info 
it should contain?

If I am to create this directory, what permissions should it have? And 
what about additional classes and librarys, such are are in the default 
server directory?

A good example of the web.xml file would be helpful as well.

Sorry to be posting what is obviously such a simple question.. I have 
google until my fingers are blue and am finding very little information 
on this particular aspect.. and want to have what is needed for the 
vhost client, but not open it up too much.

John Hinton

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