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From Romain Quilici <>
Subject Re: getRealPath and war file
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2006 06:04:47 GMT
Hello Dies,
the working directory would be fine, but my images need to be accessible 
via a url(which is not the case if they are located inside the temp dir)
In fact when an image is generated, I push the url inside the client 
browser, the new url automatically replaces the previous one in a 
statement like <img src=.....>.
So I need a url to be able to access my images
Dies Koper wrote:
> Hello Romain,
> Is there no way you can use the temporary working directory 
> (javax.servlet.context.tempdir)?
> I don't know what "pushing inside a client browser" means, but as you 
> mentioned the files are temporary, this sounds like the place to put 
> them..
> Also, you won't need to worry about maintaining some extra directory 
> after deployment, and this is a portable solution.
> Regards,
> Dies
> Romain Quilici wrote:
>> Mikolaj Rydzewski wrote:
>>> Romain Quilici wrote:
>>>> My pb is more to write in a given directory(must be accessible with 
>>>> a url), than to read.
>>>> And I would prefer this directory to be located in my webapp.
>>> Use directory outside webapp and then map it with alias, or some 
>>> kind of dispatcher servlet/filter.
>>> It'll help you to redeploy webapp and not to loose uploaded/saved 
>>> files.
>> Actually,
>> in my application, files are temporary. So even if they are deleted 
>> in doesn't matter.
>> What I mean is images are pushed inside a client browser when they 
>> are generated, but then are no longer used.
>> I prefer to create the directory within my application, to avoid 
>> permissions issues
>> As I understood, context.getRealPath("/"); will return the context of 
>> my application, even if my app is deployed within a war(as soon as 
>> UnpackWars is set to true in Tomcat).
>> So I can deal with this command. I will provide anyway a mechanism to 
>> check if context.getRealPath("/"); is null, in such case the 
>> application should take the values from init parameters
>> Regards
>> Romain
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