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From Julie Szmyd <>
Subject JK 1.2.18 win32 dll not working
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 22:34:29 GMT

I tried to upgrade an older version of the win32 JK isapi_redirect.dll 
to the jk-1.2.18 version that I downloaded from
 For some reason, IIS is not able to load the ISAPI filter.  It errors 
out with the following message when I start IIS:


The HTTP Filter DLL C:\java\Tomcat\Jakarta Isapi 
Redirector\bin\isapi_redirect.dll failed to load.  The data is the error.

data in bytes: 0000: 02 00 00 00               ....


I was able to successfully upgrade to the jk-1.2.15 version, which makes 
me think my setup is correct, and there could be  a problem with the 
binary for jk-1.2.18.  Has anyone else gotten the 1.2.18 version working 
on Windows XP IIS version 5.1?  Are there any differences in 
configuration from 1.2.15 to 1.2.18?

Julie Szmyd

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