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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: [OT: Apache] Re: Virtual Hosting with Apache and mod_jk
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 20:13:23 GMT

> Thank you for the advice regarding multiple instances of Tomcat, this
> is a great idea and I will read the documentation on it, but if there
> are any pointers anyone has they'd be greatly appreciated.

I don't know of any specific online documentation to point you to, but
you basically set CATALINA_HOME to a directory that contains a
"conf/web.xml", "conf/server.xml" and a "webapps" directory (usually
containing your webapp WAR files or just the whole, expanded webapp) and
run (or tomcat.bat) from the real installation.

Tomcat uses the installation directory for all the normal stuff like
libraries and all that, and it uses the configuration in the directory
specified as CATALINA_HOME for everything else. So, you can have one
binary installation and several instances running off of it, all with
differing configurations.

I'm sure there /is/ documentation out there for this, I just don't
remember reading it ;)

> One last question, I recently tried to use Apache 2.2.3, and found
> that mod_jk wouldn't compile against it, has anyone had similar
> issues? I'm happy with Apache 2.0, but thought I'd ask.

I dunno. A buddy of mine uses 2.2.0 with no problem. Perhaps search the
list for recent similar problems, and start a new thread if you can't
find the solution?


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