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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Sessions in Tomcat
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 16:46:13 GMT

> The first browser session works fine and I can
> navigate thru all my pages without a problem. A few minutes later I open
> another browser window and I immediately get a null pointer exception.

Is it possible that you are have cookies turned off and are having the
JSP encode the jsessionid into each URL? If that's the case, you might
be simply typing a URL into your second browser window that doesn't have
this magic parameter, and therefore not getting a session.

> [After a restart, ] both browser sessions bring to work normally, the
> original browser continues as if nothing happened and the second
> browser session loads without the null pointer exception.

No, that's just plain weird.

> Is there something I am not setting?
> Even more bizarre, after I do a reload of the website if I open two
> browser windows very quickly they both succeed. When I let a browser
> window sit with no activity for more than two or three minutes and I
> click to a link to navigate thru my jsp pages I immediately get a 
> null pointer exception anywhere I am accessing the one of the session
> objects.

Hmm... perhaps your browser is configured to prohibit cookie life longer
than a couple of minutes??? Seems far-fetched, but you've got a weird

How are you getting your session? Can you post a bit of code? It would
be particularly useful to see the code you use to create the session, to
get the attributes (as well as verify that the session exists), and then
the place where the NPE is being thrown.


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