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From Markus Schönhaber <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5.0/5.5 doesn't start using 'Configure Tomcat' dialog
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 13:27:40 GMT
Jan Andersson wrote:
> Sounds like a reasonable explanation. If this wouldn't work I'd get really
> desperate, now only annoyed.
> Still would like to know why Tomcat fails to start using 'Configure
> Tomcat' dialog. Otherwise, will have to explain in the admin manual that
> you use config dialog to set classpath and JVM args, but start Tomcat
> using services dialog. Awkward.

I read this list for quite some tome and don't remember any report of this 
problem besides yours. Therefore I doubt that it's a bug in the service 
wrapper but something wrong on your machine.

> I should add that another version (3 or 4, not sure) of Tomcat is
> installed but not running on the computers. This is a special version of
> Tomcat used by IBM Rational to run their web applications. Could a not
> running older instance of Tomcat anyhow interfere? And if so, why only
> when using the config dialog to start Tomcat?

Don't know. Maybe?

You could do the following:
- Open a command prompt.
- cd <your Tomcat installation dir>\bin
- tomcat5 //TS//Tomcat5 --LogLevel=DEBUG --LogPath=E:\tmp
(replace "E:\tmp" with  something to your liking)

This should start the Tomcat service in console mode, i. e. you'll see 
Tomcat's log output appear in your console window. Also, the service wrapper 
itself should produce debug output in a logfile 
Maybe this provides some information helping you to track things down.


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