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From Tim Hunt <>
Subject Re: mod_jk not compiling correctly (apparently) - 'garbled' error
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 12:43:09 GMT
Found the problem, so in case anyone is interested:
  Chris wrote:
  >My suggestion above is almost certainly the problem: you have two
>competing versions of Apache installed. You should pick one and
>uninstall the other. From experience, I have to say that using the
>version available from the package manager (does CentOS use RPM?) is
>almost always better than compiling everything yourself, because
>dependencies are generally checked appropriately, etc. when you let the
>package manager handle everything. Just my .02.
Despite my claiming Apache wasn't already installed, Chris was right.  Sorry for my mistake
and the resulting confusion.  A 'yum list installed httpd' showed the previous version was
present, and that explains the problem.  We can at least get mod_jk compiled and installed
now.  Thanks for the help Chris!

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