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From Oscar Mechanic <>
Subject FYI tomcat 100% load SSL
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 11:04:58 GMT
For those of you who ever have this problem


1) Cannot connect to tomcat after a period of time
2) Heavy load on startup
3) Various strangeness with SSL certs e.g. WEB browsers reject
certs/incomplete TLS handshake

Observed case

Tomcat version we tried jakarta-tomcat-5.0.12 and jakarta-tomcat-5.5.17
we are using openssl to generate certs. OS is linux 2.6.17 (Newest) on
our own distribution. After reboot tomcat works fine modprobe random and
we cannot connect to tomcat on SSL ports and the load goes high. 

We dont know where the problem lies i.e. in kernel/distro/tomcat/java
but one check you might think of taking if you see similar difficulties.
Is to reboot without random module or rmmod and restart tomcat. We also
tried 1.4 to 1.5_02 & 1.5_06 and still the same problem.

Sorry I cant be more specific but I am behind my deadline and its
working now. So no more /dev/random for this release. Been at this for a
few days.

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