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From Tom Jacobs <>
Subject OS X Server - Enable Tomcat for JSPs only
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 21:18:52 GMT
I want to configure my Mac OS X Server 10.4 so Tomcat handles JSPs, 
but Apache serves normal content (including PHP, CGI, and so on), all 
without having to specify a special port. In other words: (gets handled by Tomcat) (gets handled by Apache)

What works, but is not what I want:

I've Googled extensively and tried many approaches, but without 
success. Many of the suggestions I've found either apply to OS X (not 
Server), or are several years old and probably obsolete. It seems 
like someone should have already invented this wheel but I can't find 
the evidence.

Tom Jacobs        -        InterVision
(541) 343-7993

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