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From "Eric B." <>
Subject Re: Custom Error page when Tomcat is down?
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2006 20:39:19 GMT
"Hassan Schroeder" <> wrote in message
> On 7/24/06, Eric B. <> wrote:
>> Thanks for the pointer, but the problem that I see is that Apache is
>> returning the status code 200 to the browser.
> If Apache is generating an "internal server error" as you indicated, it
> should be returning a 5xx status, I'd think.

I'd think so too.  But I put in ErrorDocument 500 directives, and got 
nothing out of it.
In fact, I even went one step further and put in ErrorDocument directives 
for error codes 500-510 (just in case I was missing something) and none made 
a difference.  I tried putting them in the main body of the httpd.conf file 
(to ensure I wasn't having problems with VirtualHosts, etc), but still 

ErrorDocument 500 "Site down 500"
ErrorDocument 501 "Site down 501"
ErrorDocument 502 "Site down 503"
ErrorDocument 503 "Site down 504"
ErrorDocument 504 "Site down 504"
ErrorDocument 505 "Site down 505"
ErrorDocument 506 "Site down 506"
ErrorDocument 507 "Site down 507"
ErrorDocument 508 "Site down 508"
ErrorDocument 509 "Site down 509"
ErrorDocument 510 "Site down 510"

ErrorDocument 404 "Site down 404"

The only one that seemed to make a difference was ErrorDocument 404 (when 
tested againsta a non-tomcat path).

Am I doing something wrong here?



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