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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Running Tomcat Embedded
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 03:44:26 GMT

"Mike Wannamaker" <> wrote in 
>I wish to run Tomcat from within my own JVM.  I would like it to run just
> like Tomcat does today, however I'd just like to setup the various paths,
> for like web app root directory, config directory, lib directory etc....
> Is there anyway to do this easily?  Like I said I just want to create an
> instance of Tomcat/Catalina and setProperties(...); and then call start();
> Any help is appreciated.

Most people use Embedded 

since it at least has some documentation.  Commons-modeler has a simple (if 
slightly out of date :) example of how to embed Tomcat using JMX.  This is 
useful if you want Tomcat to run in a different ClassLoader than the rest of 
your application (and at least personally, I find it easier to use).

In either case, you need to set the properties on the sub-components (e.g. 
Engine, Host, Contex(s)) yourself, so you are responsible for creating them.

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