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Subject MaxClients - MaxThreads relationship
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 01:12:36 GMT

I am using Apache with mod_jk 1.2.10(prefork MPM) running against Tomcat 5
within JBoss on Linux using JDK
Reading thru some of the postings within this Forum, it looks like we would
expect to see as many threads in tomcat as the number of MaxClients defined
in Apache.
In our setup, we have a setup of 8 webservers with each configured to
handle MaxClients=625. On the Tomcat side we have 8 servers with each setup
to handle 400 MaxThreads. We allow in < 600 simultaneous requests into the
webserver farm using a hardware loadbalancer.
But when i check via netstat on the servers hosting the Apache ws, i see in
addition to established connections on port 8009 to Tomcat, there are a
large number of connections in CLOSE_WAIT and TIME_WAIT state.
Does this mean that to take care of  N simultaneous requests,  I would need
to configure MaxClients > N to accomodate connections which could be busy
due to CLOSE_WAIT and TIME_WAIT?  If so, by what factor? I am not sure how
long these sockets take to get release to the next request coming in from
 My goal is to reduce the number of Tomcat threads running within JBoss and
rather than timing out connections within Tomcat, i would prefer to have
MaxClients = MaxThreads.


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