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Subject war file deployment on openvms
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 08:13:02 GMT
 I have developed a web application in Rational            
 Application developer on                                  
 Windows XP.                                               
 From this I have created a war file.                      
 I have copied the war to an alpha running openVMS, put it 
 in the webapps                                            
 directory, changed the record attributes as required      
 (stream_lf), and                                          
 started tomcat.                                           
 The application has seemed to deploy OK, but when I try   
 to access it                                              
 through IE i get a 502 error. However, I use essentially  
 the same                                                  
 address as I use to test locally - obviously the actual   
 ip address is                                             
 different, but the application/servlet name bit is the    
 While trying to work out what is going wrong, I noticed   
 that the                                                  
 servlet I am trying to access, instead of being put at    
 the bottom of a                                           
 directory path that reflects the package name, is simply  
 being put into                                            
 the classes directory, which seems wrong to me.           
 I intend to try manually creating the directory path and  
 moving the                                                
 servlet there, but in the meantime, if anyone has         
 encountered this sort of problem before, I would          
 appreciate any light you can shed on the cause/solution.  
 I checked the conents of the war file and the servlet     
 does have the                                             
 correct path.                                             

CSWS tomcat v 4.1.24 java 1.3.1


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