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From "Rick G" <>
Subject Possible to send 503 status over JK?
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 15:21:53 GMT
Hi All,
  I saw a similar question asked a while back about using a custom 503
errorpage, but never saw an answer.  I'm looking to, if a page is requested
for a webapp that has been stopped, instead of returning the canned Tomcat
503 Error page, to have it return a 503 status code instead so that you can
have Apache handle it and show a custom (pretty) error page.  

  It seems like on a 503, Tomcat generates its own 503 page and returns
status 200 so Apache doesn't know it needs to do something.  Some one please
correct me if I'm wrong and/or there is an easy solution to this.
Otherwise, anyone familiar or have a link with the standard processing
pipeline in tomcat 5.5.x and know the order of valve/filter execution that
can point me in the right direction?

Thanks for any help,
Rick G

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