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Subject Tomcat + Multiple Request
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 09:48:03 GMT
Hi All,

I use Tomcat 5.5.9.

My application opens multiple "pop-up" ( Each of these
"pop-ups" send one request for information.
The main window (browser) still opens and the user can open multiple
"pop-ups" at the same time.

The problem i have is concerning the time of response. It's very slow if
the user opens up to 5 windows.
I've read that Http specification preconizes the use of 2/4 multiple
requests for the same session id/ browser. Is this correct ?
I'm not sure if i can let this multiple request happens, knowing that it
might impact the way browser manages the request/response...

What would you recommend as possible solution? Should i limit the number
of pop-ups, which would impact my functional specification ? :(
Is there any configuration to be done in terms of Tomcat ?

Thank you for your attention,

Thiago de Almeida

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