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From Mohan2005 <>
Subject Re: "Busy" in jkmanager
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 03:02:11 GMT

Hello again,

According to the document

Definition of 'method' says the following...

Specifies what method load balancer is using for electing best worker. If
method is set to R[equest] balancer will use number of requests to find the
best worker. If set to T[raffic] balancer will use the network traffic
between JK and Tomcat to find the best worker. If set to B[usyness] balancer
will pick the worker with the lowest current load, based on how many
requests the worker is currently serving. This number is divided by the
workers lbfactor, and the lowest value (least busy) worker is picked.

And from your previous post you said..
and I quote..

"Busy=number of parallel requests being processed for a worker at that point
of time."
and where "request = HTTP Request in progress"

Please clarify the difference between the 'Request' method and the 'Busy'
method you had defined.

This is very important for us, since we currently use the 'Request' method
in and we want to know the exact working of the 2 methods
(Busy and Request). Since we plan on switching to a method that is best
suited for performance and proper load balancing.

Our main confusion here is that both the 'Request' and 'Busy' methods refer
to the same criteria, which is "Number of Requests'

Thanks again.
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