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From "Mani Balasubramani" <>
Subject RE: ResponseWrapper and sendRedirect not working
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 00:00:02 GMT

This is the complete sequence

1)User goes to a URL (say
2)He selects our app link from there which redirects him to our site
3)Filter is applied on all url's
4)The filter has a wrapper class for both request and response.
5)The doFilter calls a servlet which checks if the user is authenticated
6)If the user is not authenticated, he is redirected to a login page
7)Once the user is authenticated, the servlet returns to the filter
which then creates a cookie and the reponse is sent back to the users's

What happens is that the login page is never displayed. I have validated
the flow (using debugger) and it seems to be correct. 

So I was wondering if a response wrapper needs to do anything special in
order to do a redirect.

My filter code does the following...

     MyRequestWrapper reqWrapper = new MyRequestWrapper(servletRequest);
     MyResponseWrapper respWrapper = new

     //get cookie from request and decrypt it.

     chain.doFilter(reqWrapper, respWrapper);

     //create a cookie and encrypt it

     respWrapper.addCookie(NAME, encrypt(myobj));

Any suggestions ?

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