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From John Cherouvim>
Subject Re: JSP 2.0 tag files slowing development/deployment
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 13:05:34 GMT
Thanks everyone for your replies.

I precompile my JSPs/tags from within netbeans 5.0. It produces a 
"generated" directory inside "build".
Placing the contents of build\generated\classes\org folder in 
work\Catalina\localhost\MYAPP\org does the job, but it's been said that 
messing around with "work" is not a good idea.
Could you please describe me (or point me to a FAQ/tutorial) on how to 
deploy my precompiled JSPs/tags?


Tim Funk wrote:
> Yes tomcat 5.5.17 would speed things up since the Eclipse compiler is 
> used and is faster.
> You should ALWAYS precompile your webapp when placing it into 
> production. It eliminates any compile penalties as well as validates 
> that everything DOES compile before your deploy.
> Uploading anything to the work folder is a bad idea.
> Using JSP tags would make page compiling faster but there is a 
> tradeoff in the easy of use of JSP tags vs .tag files.
> Putting your .tag files into a jar will still occur a compile time 
> penalty.
> Using a template engine has its own tradeoffs. (Personally - I like 
> freemarker if you need to use a template engine)
> Good luck
> -Tim
> John Cherouvim wrote:
> <SNIP>
>> The second (big) problem, is when I try to deploy on the client's web 
>> server (intel xeon with 4 cpus with tomcat 5.0.28). I deploy and 
>> tomcat starts up in something like 9 seconds. Then I access the 
>> application for the first time, using a browser, and it takes more 
>> than an hour to build the 
>> work\Catalina\localhost\MY-APPLICATION\org\apache\jsp folder. Looking 
>> at the generated sources of those tag files it seems to me that its 
>> taking so much because tomcat has to calculate all the dependencies 
>> between tags. As soon as everything has compiled, the application 
>> runs smothly as expected. There are 118 tag files, and the 
>> work\Catalina\localhost\MY-APPLICATION\org\apache\jsp folder ends up 
>> with 238 files (one for .java and one for .class) and takes up 2.7mb. 
>> I don't know why such a fast machine needs so much time to generate 
>> 1.47mb of source code, and compile it.
>> This situation is really bad for me and I'd like to know what can I 
>> do to improve the situation.
>> 1. Would tomcat 5.5.17 improve anything on this issue?
>> 2. Would precompiling the JSPs and tags improve anything?
>> 3. Can I upload my work\Catalina\localhost\MY-APPLICATION folder to 
>> the client's server and force that tomcat not to re-compile? I tried 
>> it and it did start compiling the jsps/tags again.
>> 4. Would changing some tags from tag files to proper Java 
>> javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.Tag classes improve anything?
>> 5. If I package my tag files into a jar, would then tomcat had to do 
>> the work thing?
>> 6. Should I change to another templating engine, such as Velocity?
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