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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: JSP class loader
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 19:16:12 GMT

>> I read through your ClassLoader. It doesn't look like it will compile,
> Why? It were compiled and run on my PC.

Oh, sorry. The indentation was a little funny and I didn't see the
method signature for "private byte loadClassData(File f)". Never mind.

>> I'm not sure what your ClassLoader does differently than any other
>> ClassLoader; what have you added? If you haven't changed anything, then
>> it's possible that your classloaders are not being GC'd:
>> pageId=2669
> As article says, container drops all reference to classloader during 
> web-app undeploy. This allows GC to remove classloader and free PermGen.
> In our system, JSP deployed inside web-app without web-app
> redeply. So references to ClassLoader aren't dropped.

Aah, I didn't realize that you were doing this. So, you basically
maintain your own versioning for each JSP? If I request that a JSP job
be run several times, each run gets its own class compiled and loaded?

This seems a little kludgey. You are you using JSP as a batch processing

> I see, threre are two possible ways for now: modify jsp servlet as I 
> going to before or create web-app for each business process and redeploy 
> it when new JSP arrived. 

I realize that you are probably required to work within the boundaries
of a pre-existing system, but I'm really curious to see why you are
using this platform to essentially perform batch processing.


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