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From Robert <>
Subject Problems with IE6, AJP1.3, Apache httpd and tomcat
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 15:57:06 GMT

I am having some big difficulties using AJP.
(running on linux)
Apache HTTP Server 2.2.0
Jakarta Tomcat 5.5.7

I use AJP1.3 to forward requests from the HTTP Server to Tomcat using 
standard settings.
Sometimes when using Internet Explorer 6 the requests seem to get stuck 
somewhere. The requests arrive in the HTTP Server, but arrive at the 
Tomcat server minutes later. And the body seems to have been stripped 
away when it arrives in the servlet in Tomcat.
This only happens with Internet Explorer 6, and not in Mozilla Firefox. 
It also seems to happen when not sending requests for several minutes 
from the browser. After one request has "failed" the next ones seem to 
work again. Maybe it is relevant to note that the browser uses the 
XMLHTTP component to send requests (ajax web application).

Using google I found a message in a mail archive. Not sure if it 
basically is the same problem, but it sounded similar.

Does someone has some suggestions? Is it a bug in IE6 or mod_jk? How can 
I fix it?
Any help is appreciated.


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