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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: BOOBIES!
Date Sun, 23 Jul 2006 11:28:48 GMT
Wow... how do some people make it through the day without exploding from 
some terrible insult.

I can't believe this thread subject has turned into such a big deal. I 
deleted the first 5 or so because I thought it was spam. Then I saw 
names responding which I recognized.

I really don't understand how someone can be offended by a word like 
'boobies' and can still use the Internet, or real life for that matter.

grow up and grow a skin... Dantes Inferno invoked for using the word 
'boobies.' The road to hell is paved with...

Dakota Jack wrote:
> Golly, Charles,
> Maybe you need some training?  Maybe you are the one who does not get the
> point?  If you think I am going to apologize for your taking a serious 
> topic
> that hurts people and covering it with your inane indifference, you 
> might be
> wrong.  The worst people are not the haters, although they are bad enough,
> the worst people are the indifferent.  If you read Dantes Inferno you will
> find the colder the heart, the more the indifference, the lower your level
> in hell.  Understand?
> On 7/22/06, <> wrote:
>> Thank you. I was caught up in a witch hunt and feel undeservedly bashed
>> over my attempt to inject some light-hearted  jest into an overheated
>> atmosphere. Plainly the poster who calls him or herself "Dakota Jack" 
>> didn't
>> view the link. He or she had already made up his or her mind and 
>> couldn't be
>> bothered with facts.
>> For those of you didn't see the link, it was a photo of a bird (not
>> engaged in a sexual or excretory function of patently offensive nature)
>> native to the Galapagos Islands. It has blue feet and is commonly 
>> called a
>> "Blue-footed booby".
>> I await Dakota Jack's apology.
>> -- 
>> Charles Knell
>> - email

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