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From Maurice Yarrow <>
Subject Re: mod_jk vs. mod_proxy_ajp
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2006 17:20:51 GMT
Hello Greg

Glad you wrote this.  I also found mod_proxy simple to set up and
versatile (can also be used with a package such as mod_proxy_html
 - - for even greater

According to a benchmark I saw (sorry, can't remember where)
the specialized connectors such as mod_jk are about
1.5 times the speed of mod_proxy.  This speed differential may
be a consequential performance factor for some, but for our needs,
the simplicity of mod_proxy usage is a major factor.

Maurice Yarrow

Greg Gamble wrote:

>On Fri, Jul 21, 2006 at 05:48:17PM -0400, Edmon Begoli wrote:
>>I am seeing more and more blog entries and articles suggesting using
>>mod_proxy_ajp over mod_jk.
>>I have two questions on this subject:
>>Can someone from this list please provide some practical examples and real
>>stories on why should one use mod_proxy over mod_jk?
>>Is mod_proxy meant as a future replacement for mod_jk (since they are both
>>oficially hosted by Apache team and since mod_proxy is built into
>>Apache 2.2web server)?
>Dear Edmon,
>I think you've answered your own question ... mod_proxy is built into
>Apache 2.2. I was about to use mod_jk and thanks to Gael who gave (the longer
>and more complex) instructions for mod_jk but explained that the functionality 
>I was after was provided by mod_proxy and built into Apache 2.2s; so, I just 
>installed Apache 2.2 ... setting up the proxy worked first go just following 
>the easy instructions in the docs. I can't say whether it's worth switching
>if you already have a working mod_jk installation. All I can say is
>setting up the proxy port for tomcat with mod_proxy was painless. 
>Hope that's of some help.
>  Regards,
>  Greg Gamble
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