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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Offensive material posted to this list
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2006 16:16:51 GMT

Please stop and think before you post to this or any other list. At
the last count there were over 2500 subscribers to this list and not
all of them will share your taste, values or sense of humour. A post
that you think is funny could be very offensive to someone else.

The list owners keep a close eye on the list and the senders of the
recent posts have been warned.

The nature of mailing lists means it is difficult to ban someone
outright but there are sanctions available to the list owners
including, but not limited to:
- unsubscribing e-mail addresses
- blocking e-mail addresses
- reporting senders to their companies when sent from a company e-mail
- reporting senders to their ISP

If you receive an e-mail from this list you find offensive please let know about it. Whilst it can be tempting
to flame the original poster, please refrain from lowering yourself to
their level. Ignoring them is generally more effective.


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