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From Bruce Miller <>
Subject Juvenile & Unprofessional (was Re: B
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2006 14:17:47 GMT
Nikola Milutinovic wrote:
> Could this person (inject other undesirable word) please consider the
> fact that women are in the user's group also.  
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I fail to see any reason for the subject. It is not spam and it
> is a real question and it is not an accidental reply to some
> other message.

Apparently the reason was that the juvenile didn't get an
instant response to a question with a relevant subject,
so reposted the question with a subject designed to draw
the attention of the like-minded.

What is particularly disappointing is that he was
rewarded for his strategy.

> This is bizarre.
> Nix.


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