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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Database Connection Error Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2006 12:05:42 GMT indicates you are running tomcat 
with the security manager.  You'll need to edit your catalina.policy 
file to allow this connection.  The policy file itself has a number of 
examples, here's just one modified to your situation below:

grant codebase 
"jar:file:${catalina.home}/common/lib/mysql-connector-java-3.14.jar!/-" {
    permission "", "connect" ;


Bob Hall wrote:

>You wrote:
>>I have a newly installed and configured Ubuntu
>>server running
>>Tomcat5.5 and Mysql 5.0. This server was created in
>>an attempt to
>>migrate from a Red Hat server in a similar
>>configuration, running the
>>exact same webapp. Most of the
>>configuration/classpath differences
>>between the two platforms have been ironed out.
>>The Problem:
>>When our webapp trys to connect to the database on
>>localhost, an exception
>>' access denied
>>( localhost resolve)'
>>is generated.
>Looks like the OS is unable to resolve localhost.
>Does the ubuntu server have the following in its
>/ect/hosts file?
>    localhost
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