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From Madhur K Tanwani <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5.5 load balancing URL redirefction not transparent to client
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 05:15:09 GMT
Thanks Filip.
I understand now that Tomcat performs redirection - which implies that the
URL must change.
Then, I suppose I must ask
- Is something like mod_proxy available in Tomcat?
- Is it possible to emulate the same behavior in Tomcat?

After my discussion on the Tomcat 5.5 load balancing thread and this 
one, I'm
thinking of a setup like
Apache 2.0 httpd Webserver
(LB with sticky sessions, weighted round robin, mod_jk2)
    |--------> Tomcat Worker 1 (ajp13)
    |--------> Tomcat Worker 2 (ajp13)
    |--------> Tomcat Worker 3 (ajp13)

The session management will be done using either JDBCStore or in-memory
replication amongst the Tomcat servers.

Can you suggest something in the design that is wither wrong or can be 
Is there something that the LB gurus find obviously wrong here and would 
want to
tell me (or would you want me to encounter it as it comes :) )?

Awaiting your valuable comments,

Filip Hanik - Dev Lists wrote:
> redirection, as the name tells you, doesn't balance, it redirects, and 
> there is nothing transparent about a redirection.
> what you are looking for is called proxying, and the best example for 
> that, would be mod_proxy in the Apache httpd web server.
> Filip
> Madhur K Tanwani wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm separating this question from my earlier thread on load balancing 
>> rules - it
>> seems that it was over-looked there since it did not fit in there :(.
>> My question is that when I use the default balancer webapp from 
>> Tomcat 5.5 the
>> redirection rules redirect me to either jakarta, cnn or yahoo's site. 
>> However,
>> the redirection is not transparent to the user.
>> for example,
>> Client Types : http://servername:8080/balancer/
>> Balancer Redirects To:
>> *The browser URL changes to  :*
>> I think this change of URL does not make the transition transparent. 
>> Also, the
>> subsequent requests bypass the load balancer(LB) and are directly 
>> served by the
>> server (so what happens if the server is down - the LB has support 
>> for fail over
>> but the request never went via the LB)
>> Please could someone throw some light on the same?
>> Awaiting responses,
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